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Our Current Wine Selection:

"HEY SUGAR" Rhubarb Strawberry Wine - A sweet wine that starts strawberry and ends with rhubarb flavor. You won't belive your taste buds. Serve chilled.

"Rhuberry"Rhubarb Raspberry Wine - A sweet wine from that old favorite rhubarb with a splash of raspberry. Serve chilled.

Strawberry Wine - This is a semi - sweet wine that tastes like your drinking fresh strawberries. Enjoy with cheesecake.

Honey Raspberry Wine - This is a wine that is great with desert or as desert. The flavor goes from honey to raspberry and back again. If you love honey or raspberries you will love this wine. Serve chilled.

Serve chilled.

Pear - A semi sweet wine for a hot summer day. Serve chilled.

Dandelion - A sweet wine made from Dandelions. Serve Chilled.

Prairie Gold Wine - This is a wonderful semi - sweet wine that goes great with chicken, pork and fish. Especially good with salmon. Serve chilled.

Christmas Cheer - A sweet blend of South Dakota grown grapes. Enjoy with red meats & rich desserts. Serve chilled. This wine has earned a bronze metal

Sweet Red Wine - A semi sweet red grape wine. Pairs well with red meats, Dark Chocolate & Strong Cheeses. Serve chilled or room temperature.

Rose Wine - A semi sweet red grape wine. Enjoy with your favorite foods. Serve chilled or room temperature.

"UP North" Frontenac - An off dry red grape wine. This is a medium bodied bold flavored wine. Enjoy with a grilled steak, strong cheeses & dark chocolate. Serve room temperature.

Prairie Red - A wonderful and surprisingly fun and fruity wine. This wine is crafted from the SDSU Valiant grape. Pairs well with red meats, lamb & rich sauces. Serve room temperature.

These wines are sold out at this time:

's no berry Wine - It's not a berry it's a chokecherry. This is a fun sweet wine to enjoy with dessert or as dessert. Serve chilled or warmed up on a winters day.

Pear Wine - A light & slightly sweet summer wine for sipping out on the porch. Serve chilled.

Plum Wine - A sweet wine that goes great salty & spicy foods. Serve chilled.